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A Birthday Dream Come True

ZM71 Yosf Chaim from Netivot recently turned 17. This sweet young man had a dream since childhood, even before he was stricken with cancer

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A Birthday for Amitai, a Pleasure for his Parents

ZM71 Amitai recently celebrated his eighteenth birthday, knowing full well that when a young person has cancer

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A “Hair-Raising” Experience

ZM71 Seventy one ponytails were donated for use by child cancer patients at the Giron Mall in Ashkelon in a special event organized by the Ashkelon Youth Leadership group

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Night to Honor Strasbourg Summer Camp Supporters

ZMAn inspiring event was held today in the Jewish Community Center in the city of Strasbourg in France

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Chanukah Candlelighting with Jerusalem Police HQ Commanders

The traditional Chanukah party with the Jerusalem District Police commanders took place today in the Zichron Menachem Day Center

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Eilat Winter Camp 2012

ZMZichron Menachem’s sixty-ninth(!) vacation camp for children with cancer from all over Israel

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Second Hair Donations Campaign

ZMZichron Menachem’s second campaign to raise awareness of hair donation was crowned a success.

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New Parents’ Support Groups

ZMToday, two new Parents’ Support groups were established for parents of children struggling with cancer.

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