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When the hair begins falling out...

Close your eyes for just a minute and picture waking up in the morning and finding locks of your hair spread across the pillow. You finger them in confusion, fear. You run to the mirror and gasp in horror; ugly bald spots where there were once glossy locks of hair. It begins with small shiny spots and thinning hair, but all too soon, your head is totally smooth. Not a single hair on your head.

Your new look is anything but attractive. You never realized how gorgeous hair can be, how much it enhances your features. Without your hair, you feel naked. Exposed. So different.

You’re ashamed to go outside. You don’t want people seeing you like this, and certainly not your friends. People stare at you. They point. Some whisper behind your back; others talk about you out loud, as if you’re not there. You soundlessly cry, “Why me?”

But staying home and shielding yourself from the world is no better. You miss the bright sunlight and fresh air. You miss your friends. You need to go out and spend time with people who are enduring the same hell as you. You want to go on with life, to continue learning, to continue working and advancing. You want to share what you’re going through with others who care. You need the loving, professional support of people who understand you. You want someone to help you pull through this nightmare and understand what it is that you want and need… You need Zichron Menachem.

Donate Your Hair to Zichron Menachem!

You read this and shudder, whispering silent thanks that your hair is still intact, safely attached to you head. It’s still long, beautiful. It still adorns your features. And most important, it grows! It never stops growing!

You—and your hair!—can bring boundless joy to a child with cancer!

Even if you cut it all off, it will still grow back…

What hair type is the best?

In order to make a child with cancer feel as normal and beautiful as possible, the goal is to fashion a wig that looks exactly like his/her hair. The child’s head is measured, and the wig is constructed from hair that is the closest match to his own. A curly-topped kid wants curls. A girl with red braids wants red braids. A teen with frizzy brown hair still wants…frizzy brown hair, even if she’s always complained about it!

That’s why Zichron Menachem needs every type, color, and shade of hair—including yours!

Any hair* can be donated—and will be used—to build a wig for a child with cancer. (*We do not accept severely damaged hair, hair that is completely gray or white or dreadlocks, as there is not sufficient demand for these types of hair.)


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