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מאגר מח עצםמאגר מח עצםמאגר מח עצם

The dream

Zichron Menachem’s goal is to expand its National Bone Marrow Reserve until it operates on a national scale, with a country-wide perspective. At Zichron Menachem, it is not ‘him or her’—one patient or another; it’s ‘you and me.’

Our objective is to expand the National Bone Marrow Reserve to the proportions that will allow it to save the lives of all our patients. This ideal situation will save patients the physical and emotional ordeal of nationwide drives and nerve-wracking waiting, waiting, waiting for the perfect match. It will afford them the ability to concentrate on their therapies and treatments, with the assurance that a donor is just waiting for them to say the word.

Our reserve

Zichron Menachem currently works in full cooperation with Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. Results of all blood samples collected and stored in Zichron Menachem’s Bone Marrow and Cord Blood Reserve are stored in the hospital’s database and, from there, transferred to the International Database.

Advanced DNA tests conducted specially for Zichron Menachem provide a complete overview of all the parameters regarding classification and matching in a single test, thus sparing the patient and potential donor additional testing to verify a suitable match. Obviously, this advanced method speeds up the search for a donor and makes it swifter and more efficient.

Zichron Menachem’s unique method—safe, quick, and easy

In 2007, Zichron Menachem received substantial media and public approbation when it first introduced a relatively new testing method, which had already been implemented by medical centers in the United States that test for donor-patient matches. The new test eliminates the need of needles and blood by using buccal swabs which resemble standard cotton swabs. The swab, rubbed against the inner cheek, removes cells from the mouth tissue, similar to a throat culture. This sample is then sent to a large laboratory that is equipped to conduct DNA testing on tens of thousands of samples on short notice.

The new test is as reliable as a blood sample, and much cheaper!
No medical experience or equipment is necessary to perform the test; anyone can do it with the guidance of a Zichron Menachem volunteer who received several minutes of instruction. The potential donor conducts the test on his own; there are no intrusive aspects; and no physical contact with strangers. The test itself takes mere seconds and causes absolutely no physical discomfort.
The person who is tested is requested to sign a form affirming that he agrees to join the list of donors on the National Bone Marrow Reserve, and to complete a form with his contact details in the event that his bone marrow matches that of a cancer patient.

How much does it cost Zichron Menachem?

Zichron Menachem pays 180 NIS for each test sample.

Donate now and help us save lives!

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