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בנק מרכיבי דם בנק מרכיבי דם בנק מרכיבי דם Zichron Menachem’s very first project was creating a database of donors who would willingly donate platelets and granulocytes to pediatric cancer patients on short notice. They compiled a list of kindhearted yeshiva bachurim who underwent testing to ensure that they were physically healthy and who agreed to arrive at a hospital on short notice in order to donate blood for patients in need.

Platelets or thrombocytes have a shelf life of only four days! As such, it is vital to maintain a list of donors who will immediately agree to donate blood in the unfortunate event that a patient’s condition begins deteriorating due to platelet shortage. Generally, family members are the ones who donate their platelets when the patient needs it.

Platelet donation, like bone marrow donation, is an hours-long process. The donor usually sits on a bed while a small quantity of his blood is slowly pumped into a special centrifuge that separates the desired platelet cells from other blood components. Thereafter, the remaining blood cells are returned to the donor’s body.

When necessary, Zichron Menachem will immediately contact one (or more) of the willing donors on its list, transport them to and from the hospital, and even provide them with a light meal during their stay in the hospital.

Just another way that Zichron Menachem eases the burden and anxiety of cancer patients and their families and actively saves the lives of hundreds of patients!

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