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התאמת פאה לילדהתאמת פאה לילדהתאמת פאה לילד

When does a child need a wig?

One of the side-effects of chemotherapy is hair loss, albeit the extent of which is dependent on the type of treatment. Hair loss usually begins approximately two weeks from the time of the initial treatment session.

Patients usually wear wigs for approximately six months to a year. We recommend making a wig appointment immediately upon commencing treatment, before hair loss begins, or photographing the child from every possible angle in order to help us procure a wig that will most resemble the child’s natural hair.  

Please save several locks of hair in order to help us best match the wig to the child’s natural hair.

Selecting a wig

There are many different types of wigs. Some are ready-made, ‘out of the box’;

and others are custom-made.Some are fashioned of synthetic fibers,

while others are made of natural human hair that varies in quality, color, shade, and texture.

The most successful wigs are constructed exactly to the shape of the head with hair that is identical to the person’s.

The wig is then cut and styled on the child’s head.

The cost of a wig ranges from 900 NIS to 10,000 NIS, but the sky is the limit!

In any case, a wig is definitely an expensive proposition.

But we can help!

One of Zichron Menachem’s special services is helping you select and purchase a wig for your child.

This includes:

  • Advice
  • Referrals to the manufacturer  and stylist best suited for your needs
  • A grant and refund for your wig purchase

**This service is limited to children under the age of 18. For special circumstances, please submit a private application and request.

Important information before purchasing a wig for a cancer patient:

Zichron Menachem works in full cooperation with top wig artists. Children with cancer can receive a custom made wig free of charge.
If interested in going through your own wig artist, Zichron Menachem will provide the hair free of charge. In addition, We will defray the costs (after refund from medical insurance) up to NIS 3,000.

Israel’s Health Funds partially reimburse oncology patients for the purchase of a wig. The percentage of funding is established by the Health Fund and contingent on the child’s insurance coverage. (Further detailed information listed below.) These refunds lower the cost of a wig.
Important! Please save every receipt and authorization from the oncology treatment center in order to present these both to your Health Fund and Zichron Menachem and receive your refund. (Please ensure that the wig supplier provides you with an official receipt; credit card receipts are not sufficient.)

How to receive your refund from Zichron Menachem:

Complete and sign the attached form.
Fax the form to Zichron Menachem at (02) 643-3991.  (Please call to verify that the fax was received.)
After purchasing your wig, please send us copies of the following documents:
Receipt of purchase
Authorization letter from social worker
Health Fund refund check
Personal details and address so we can send you your refund
The following are the refund amounts that you are entitled to receive from national Health Funds*:
Silver insurance: 294 NIS.
Gold insurance: 1121 NIS.
Silver Shield Insurance: 33% of the cost of the wig up to a sum of 505 NIS.
Gold Shield Insurance: 83% of the cost of the wig up to a sum of 1269 NIS.
Adif Insurance: 50% of the cost of the wig, up to a sum of 1221 NIS.
Si Insurance: 50% of the cost of the wig, up to a sum of 1221 NIS.
Standard insurance: 33% of the cost of the wig, up to a sum of 330 NIS.
Gold Insurance: Annual grant of 85% of the cost of the wig, up to a sum of 1331 NIS.
Platinum Insurance: Annual grant of 85% of the cost of the wig, up to a sum of 1331 NIS.
*The above figures are true to 2008.

Click here to download a Wig Application.


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