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מסיבת חג מסיבת חגמסיבת חג

Holiday events

Holiday periods, usually joyously anticipated, can be sad and depressing when spent in the hospital. Never is illness so striking as when family members and friends are busy shopping, preparing, and cooking delicious meals in honor of an upcoming holiday. It is then that the reality of cancer sinks in, and the sadness and boredom become unbearable. Unfortunately, these are the times when patients and their families suffer the most severe crises and depression.

Following the Jewish calendar year, Zichron Menachem sponsors fun-filled, entertaining holiday events for pediatric cancer patients and their families, allowing them to enter into the holiday spirit and experience the joy and beauty of the time.

Trips and field days

Zichron Menachem arranges special trips for patients and their families throughout the year, with special emphasis on summer vacation. The organization views it as its mission to endow patients and their families with incredible, fun-filled experiences that they are often barred from attending due to physical and medical limitations.

Whether it’s a hike or trip to an amusement park, zoo, or museum, Zichron Menachem meticulously arranges and fully funds transportation, refreshments, entrance tickets, and of course, complete medical accompaniment which is what makes these trips possible!

Check out our Calendar of Events to see what’s coming up!


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