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מתנדבים במחלקה מתנדבים במחלקה מתנדבים במחלקה מתנדבים במחלקהZichron Menachem runs year-round programs with volunteer groups and young women in National Service who undergo special pediatric-medical training and escort families of cancer patients throughout their ordeal.

Volunteers offer their assistance in hospitals, spending their days in the Children’s Ward, occupying patients, entertaining them, and relieving exhausted parents. They also manage the on-site Recreational Center and loan special equipment, including board games, electronic toys, Game Boys, videos, and arts-and-crafts supplies, to entertain young cancer patients during their long hospital stays and periods in isolation.

Zichron Menachem’s volunteers are young, vivacious, and full of life. They are sincerely devoted to the children and their families and fill the lives of patients with joy and vigor. Happiness, smiles, and laughter are foremost, sprinkled into every interaction. These imbue each and every moment with emotional strength and joy that vanquish the terror, sadness, and boredom that are the greatest threats to the lives of cancer patients, their parents, and siblings.

Join our super volunteer staff!

Recreational Center

Young cancer patients, who while away their days in silence and boredom, staring at austere hospital walls, are bound to find themselves sinking into fear-provoking thoughts of sadness, gloom, and anxiety about the unknown future.

That’s why Zichron Menachem has established its goal of filling the lives of young cancer patients with fun and entertaining activity. A child who is busy and excited has no time to worry about the unknown or dwell on his illness and misery. On the contrary, he or she wants to live and be a kid again! Keeping busy with fun, productive activities restores a child’s optimism, positive thoughts and feelings, which affect not only his emotional state, but his body as well. At Zichron Menachem, we’ve learned that optimism and good cheer are vital aspects of the recuperation process.

Zichron Menachem’s stunning hospital Recreational Centers, equipped with the latest toys, games, equipment, and craft supplies, allow children to enjoy and create. The Recreational Centers are there not only to distract a child from his or her pain and misery, but are also proven weapons in the battle against illness and the subsequent recovery process.

Recreational Centers are equipped with state-of-the-art games, toys, craft materials, activity kits, books for all ages and reading levels, classic and latest hit movies, computer games, Play Stations, Gameboys, etc.

Laptop computers, available to bed-ridden patients, are equipped with myriad surprises including games, movies, enrichment programs, and even educational programs that allow children with cancer to make up the vast amount of subject material that they miss during their hospital stays and subsequent recoveries.

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