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הכוונה בתחילת הדרךהכוונה בתחילת הדרךהכוונה בתחילת הדרך
Shock. Despair. Grief. Terror. Helplessness. Powerlessness. These are but a few of the turbulent emotions that race through the minds of parents whose child is suddenly and tragically diagnosed with cancer. A jumble of complex medical terms, foreign jargon, fateful decisions, and technical details that pile one over the other, forming a huge, seemingly insurmountable challenge. And the pain. So much pain.

They need someone to help them make sense of it all.

They need someone to explain things to them.

They need someone to calm and console them.

They need someone who foresees the innumerable challenges and can prepare them for the future.

They need someone to talk to the other children, to explain, to help the children deal with their shock and pain.

They need someone to accept them, to accept their fears.

They need someone experienced to guide them through the decision-making process.

They need someone to lend a hand, to facilitate them, to help them deal with an endless list of Things to Do.

They need someone to prove that so many accepted beliefs about cancer are medically and scientifically unfounded, only myths.

Above all, they need someone to walk hand-in-hand with them down a road that is long and arduous. They desperately need to rely on someone who has already traversed that road many a time.

Chaim and Miri Ehrental, who spent the fourteen years of their son’s life battling illness, garnered a wealth of experience about the world of cancer. Since founding ZM in 1990, they have been helping and supporting other families of cancer patients, to the extent that they are versed in the ins and outs of almost every aspect of the cancer experience.

From the day of diagnosis, the Ehrentals avail themselves to any couple that wishes to seek their counsel; to hearten them, and prepare them for the future.

Couples leave a meeting with the Ehrentals fortified, confident, relaxed, and empowered to face the future. They know what to expect. The strength that they garner from these meetings, and the perpetual encouragement that they receive from the Ehrentals throughout their battle, grant them the emotional fortitude to deal with the long, wearying road ahead of them. Throughout the child’s illness, the Ehrentals are constantly available to answer questions, discuss issues and doubts, and offer unlimited support and encouragement.

The Ehrentals have developed a working model that brings fantastic results: A strong parent conveys strength and power to the sick child. The child is thus empowered and emotionally fortified. An emotionally-fortified and happy child cooperates with treatments, which causes his body to react positively, in a way that hopefully leads him to surmount illness and recover.


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