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מרכז אירוחמלוניתמלוניתZichron Menachem’s Guest House in Jerusalem was established in 1994 with the goal of easing the plight of families with cancer-stricken children.

The Guest House opens its doors to families of pediatric cancer patients who live out of town and are undergoing treatment in Jerusalem. Zichron Menachem’s Guest House affords cancer patients the opportunity to benefit from superior treatment in one of Jerusalem’s distinguished medical centers while saving them the headache and expense of finding a temporary residence.

Adult cancer patients and their families are also welcome in the Guest House subject to availability (and a nominal fee).

Zichron Menachem’s Guest House boasts seven brand-new, stunning hotel-style rooms, complete with cable TV and all amenities. A common kitchen is equipped with a coffee machine, large refrigerator, microwaves, and stocked with delicious sandwiches, basic food supplies, and disposable paper goods.

An attractive, comfortable lobby allows Guest House guests to spend time together and discuss their experiences. Patients and their families often find it very comforting to share their pain and hardships with people who are enduring a similar ordeal.

Zichron Menachem’s Guest House is fully wheelchair-accessible and welcomes families of young cancer patients free of charge.

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