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Spring camp 2012- our 68th camp
Sunday, 01 April 2012 00:00

We've learned from past experience that even 3 days of intensive fun an bring sick children and teens to another space, rrelaxing and encouraging. It's possible to bridge the age gap, faith gap and even religious differences. We take frightened, pain ridden children and show them a great time. Past and future are forgotten with only the present moment on their minds. 129 children and teens went with us on this adventure together with medical staff, seasoned counselors and, of course, our photographers who capture every minute so that every child can get the photo treasure after camp. The adventures came fast and furious: Rafting on the Jordan, Paintball, rangers, Kumzits, Pajama party, Snowboarding, boating on the Kinneret, horseback riding, helicopters, Jeeping, and more…
The Morale was high, friendships were strengthened and established, individuals and groups that support each other.
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