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Civilian Service Civilian ServiceCivilian Service

The Civilian Service Program affords Yeshiva students who have established ‘Torah as their trade,’ to volunteer for Zichron Menachem, during or at the end of their ‘decision-making year—(Shnat Hachra’ah) in lieu of army service.

After approaching the army and cancelling your ‘Yeshiva Student’ status, you are invited to approach the Civilian Administration, where you will be directed to the ‘Areivim’ plan. Areivim will integrate you into one of the organizations that participate in this special program, while matching your abilities to the needs of the organization.

Civilian Service duties at Zichron Menachem include office work, computers, managing the bone marrow donor database; driving and transportation; Hostel maintenance; organizational duties in warehouses; repairs; and others.

There are two Civilian Service tracks::
  • 8 hour daily shifts for 1 year.
  • 4 hour daily shifts for 2 years.

Volunteer applicants who complete the screening process are requested to present a Certificate of Good Character from the Police Department. Documents are issued at the Moriah Police Station in Talpiyot and in the Russian Compound Police Station. To receive the document, you will need to purchase a 30 NIS revenue stamp at a branch of Israel Post Office and approach the CCS counter (Center of Citizen’s Services) between 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. The document will be issued immediately.


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