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Purim carnival in Jerusalem
Thursday, 23 February 2012 00:00

A colorful and joyous carnival took place at the border police yehudai base in Jerusalem. Our talented national service girls dressed up as amurfs, the carnival these that they created. At the center of the hall was a huge prize stand, surrounded by carnival games for the children to enjoy and earn tickets with.

Outside were trampolines, slides and more fun activities. The children were dressed up in costumes and in great spirits as they went from one fun activity to another. The border police assisted with setting up and running the entire event, as is their custom for the past 15 years. Snacks and drinks were available throughout the event, which ended with dinner for all, made by the soldiers.

The raffle, with great prizes, was called out, weekends at hotels, restaurant meals and bikes were some of the prizes won.


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