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Hospital ward volunteers

Zichron Menachem runs year-round programs with volunteer groups and young women in National Service who undergo special pediatric-medical training and escort families of cancer patients throughout their ordeal.

Volunteers offer their assistance in hospitals, spending their days in the Children’s Ward, occupying patients, entertaining them, and relieving exhausted parents. They also manage the on-site Recreational Center and loan special equipment, including board games, electronic toys, Game Boys, videos, and arts-and-crafts supplies, to entertain young cancer patients during their long hospital stays and periods in isolation.

Volunteering at home

In addition, Zichron Menachem volunteers visit young cancer patients in their homes, where they entertain them, talk, and play games with them and their siblings and lend a hand with light household chores.

Professional training and support

Helping sick children is hard work, physically demanding, and emotionally taxing. That’s why Zichron Menachem invests special efforts to prime our volunteers for the job both from a medical and emotional perspective. When a child is stricken with cancer, the whole family suffers, and they all need individual support and encouragement. Moreover, we appreciate that the volunteer himself may witness and/or experience difficult moments from up close, and we therefore strive to imbue them with the emotional fortitude that they need in order to deal with those hardships.

Zichron Menachem volunteers participate regularly in educational series. They learn, ask, discuss, and grow under the direction of esteemed professionals. With the skill of an experienced matchmaker, Zichron Menachem’s Volunteer Coordinator expertly matches patients and their families with volunteers; follows up on the arrangement; helps solve daily issues and problems that arise; and is there 24-7 to assist and guide the generous volunteers.

Without a doubt, Zichron Menachem’s insistence on comprehensive training and preparation and our steady communication with our devoted volunteers is the base of our cohesive, talented, phenomenal volunteer staff! Medical professionals, families, and patients all attest to the remarkable nature of Zichron Menachem volunteers—individually and collectively!

Who qualifies?

Young Women in National ServiceYeshiva High School/Hesder Students

First or second year

Miri Ehrental 052-263-2858

Application period:
Every year during the week after Chanuka

Age 17.5 + (mid 11th grade)

Uriel Birnbaum 052-620-4470

Application period:

Volunteer applicants who complete the screening process are requested to present a Certificate of Good Character from the Police Department. Documents are issued at the Moriah Police Station in Talpiyot and in the Russian Compound Police Station. To receive the document, you will need to purchase a 30 NIS revenue stamp at a branch of Israel Post Office and approach the CCS counter (Center of Citizen’s Services) between 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. The document will be issued immediately.


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