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מחנה נופש מחנה נופשמחנה נופש They spend the two months before excitedly anticipating it and the two months that follow wistfully yearning for it. It’s an experience that they’ve heard about from their hospital roommates and the medical faculty, an experience that will alter their perspective on suffering and on time itself, an experience that teaches them to cope and deal with the challenges in their lives. An experience that transforms a life of illness to a life of joy.

Zichron Menachem’s Camps and Retreats are the time and place for children with cancer to recharge their physical and emotional batteries, to acquire new strength, zeal, and commitment, to escape the gray, depressing hospital atmosphere and the worries, fears and anxieties at home. It’s a time to forget and leave it all behind!

It’s not just another trip or attraction. Zichron Menachem’s Camps and Special Retreats encompass so much more. The excitement that children with cancer experience at the giant amusement parks, the exhilaration that they feel, and the culture that they absorb in Europe’s tourist areas are just the backdrop of what is truly going on. It’s something deeper, more profound and real, something that unites the hearts and souls of nearly 200 people.

It’s more than a trip. It’s more than a camp. It’s a wonderful support mechanism, a vital tool along the road to recovery and convalescence.

The incredible Retreat atmosphere allows kids and volunteers to cast off their inhibitions. Zichron Menachem Camps and Special Retreats are the knot that binds the volunteer’s devotion to the child’s joy.

Three times a year, 120 children and teenagers with cancer join together with a devoted group of specially-trained counselors, technical operational staff, medical and psychological staff in a magnificent blend of giving, acceptance, and love.

Campers return home with increased confidence, with a taste of victory over cancer, pain, and the bitter now, and faith in themselves and their future.

An on-site portable hospital is fully equipped and prepared to deal with the patients’ needs at all times. A professional oncology faculty ensures safety and medical security always and allows Zichron Menachem to turn the dreams of hundreds of children into reality.


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