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Zichron Menachem is pleased to offer superior educational programs to children and teens with cancer and their siblings.

Children with cancer suffer enough without having to deal with the technical burden of making up weeks and months of missed schoolwork.

Zichron Menachem established its Educational Center in the heart of the Day Center. At the Educational Center, special tutors assist children and help them keep up with their lessons. This allows young cancer patients—who miss an average of a full school year—to return to school after recovering from illness without suffering the shame of ignorance or staying back a year.

Coordinators at the Educational Center contact the child’s teachers and cooperate with the educational faculty in order to facilitate the child’s return to school after recovery.

The Educational Center also offers Matriculation (Bagrut) Preparatory lessons which help teens reintegrate into the school system quickly and easily and utilize the period of their illness for constructive purposes.

Experience has proven that the Educational Center has been a vital component in children’s and teens’ recuperation process. Aside from the technical aspect of keeping up with their schoolwork, Educational Center programs occupy the students and stimulate their brains and minds, thus neutralizing fears of death, worries, and terror.
Furthermore, the effort it takes to keep up with schoolwork subconsciously reassures the child that the illness is just a temporary phase, and that he will soon be returning to the regular school framework. It comforts them with the belief that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that the end is near, and this provides children with tremendous hope, strength, and resolve to live.

Sibling Homework Club

Siblings of cancer patients suffer too. With chaos reigning in their homes and lives, they feel abandoned, neglected, and depressed. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the reality.

Most children need constant reminders to do their homework and study for tests. Without a parent around to ensure that they are keeping up with their schoolwork, many children allow their schoolwork to slide. Scholastic failure leads to low self-esteem, social regard, and a long list of ill-fated results…

All it takes is a bit of effort and attention to avert this disaster from occurring, and Zichron Menachem is committed to protecting siblings of cancer patients from unnecessary pain and failure.

Volunteer educators and tutors greet siblings upon their arrival at the Day Center after a long day of school and accompany them to special classrooms.
The atmosphere is friendly, pleasant and conducive to learning. Prizes and incentives are frequently distributed along with a large dose of encouragement and homework help. Tutors assist students in their schoolwork and help them study for tests while keeping an eagle eye out for students who require remedial instruction—which they generously offer.

The Sibling Homework Club runs for one hour every day, ensuring that siblings of cancer patients keep up with their schoolwork instead of falling through the cracks. (In some cases, the Sibling Homework Club has raised students’ academic levels substantially!)

After completing their homework, siblings are invited to participate in the Day Center’s variety of fun, enriching activities and courses, which allow them to enjoy, relax and forget the chaos and disorder that have become their daily companions.


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