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מחנה קיץ מחנה קיץ מחנה קיץThere’s no better time than summer to give children with cancer a break from painful treatments. Undoubtedly the most prodigious of its annual events, Zichron Menachem’s Super Summer Sensation gives children and teens with cancer the time of their lives.

For ten incredible days, children forget the past, forget the future, and just live. They tour famous sites in Europe, revel in the beauty and remarkable atmosphere, and enjoy heart-stopping activities and attractions that they never dreamed possible. From sailing in a hot-air balloon to driving a car at the Mercedes Visitors’ Site. From parties replete with sumptuous delicacies and treats to five-star luxury hotel accommodations. The Super Summer Sensation has it all!

Ten days for children with cancer to recharge the depleted batteries in their illness-stricken and chemical-pumped bodies. Ten days to reinvigorate defeated spirits and pump them full of joy, elation, and hope. Zichron Menachem’s Super Summer Sensation is an energy magnet, and our children return home charged with hope, determination, and a will to do battle and conquer!

Traveling support group

Throughout the ten-day experience, patients befriend each other, connect with one another, and share their experiences of pain and triumphs. Mental health professionals lead and mediate heart-to-heart discussion groups and special workshops geared to fortify the children’s spirits. The unique, open atmosphere unlocks hearts and souls. Children return home secure in the knowledge that they are not alone, that others understand them, and that they do harbor the inner strength to cope.

Vacation for the family

We encourage parents and families of young cancer patients to take advantage of the time that their child is away to reinforce the bonds of their own relationship and to devote extra attention to their other children. Although their pain and grief is often disregarded, siblings of children with cancer suffer terribly. Worry for the sick sibling is compounded by feelings of neglect and despair. The ten-day retreat is a time to devote and spoil the other children, to take a family trip or vacation that is usually impossible due to the patient’s constant medical needs.

Responsibility and medical care come first

The counselor-child ratio at Zichron Menachem’s Super Summer Sensation is approximately 1:2, in addition to a technical faculty that arranges the logistics of the trip; mental health faculty, and oncology faculty that is present at all times to guarantee the safety and health of our campers.

The hotel boasts a clinic and fully-equipped field hospital which includes two-and-a-half ton of medical equipment. Campers visit the clinic every morning and evening for routine checkups. Registration for camp is contingent upon a medical form signed by the child’s oncologist, complete with medical instructions. Our nurses keep a copy of the child’s complete medical file and update it on a daily basis.

All medical equipment and a full medical team accompanies the children wherever they go—24 hours a day—in order to guarantee that every child can and will receive immediate, quality care should any medical problem arise.

Keeping in touch

Every day, Zichron Menachem’s photographers upload hundreds of pictures onto the organization’s website, documenting the daily events and preserving the children’s smiles for eternity. These pictures reassure parents that their children are, indeed, having a marvelous time! Likewise, parents and family members are welcome to post messages on Zichron Menachem’s website or call one of the directors’ cell
phones if they feel a need to do so.

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