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Weekend for Jerusalem Parents
Friday, 02 December 2011 00:00
30 couples whose children have cancer were invited on an extended 3 day weekend up north. These are couples who regularly attend one of three support groups that Zichron Menachem offers to parents of a child with cancer. These events provide parents with a chance to take a break from the daily struggle, strengthening the group spirit. We started at the Ein Moda nature site where we had breakfast and a group activity. From there we went to the Kinar Classic hotel, where we stayed over Shabbat. Each couple got a premium room furnished with a care package of sweets and drinks.

Our part of the dining room is decorated in ZM colors, making everyone feel at home. After the Friday night meal we had "oneg shabbos" when everyone sist together over snacks and drinks and discusses the hardships on their minds. After Shabbat, we go to Rebbi Shimon Bar Yochai to pray. On our way back we are informed that one of the children is in the ICU.

Everyone picks up a Tehillim to pray for her recovery. It worked- she was out of the ICU that night. We went back to the hotel for Melave Malka with Rav Motta Frank who came up specially from Jerusalem to inspire and uplift us all. He brought along friends with instruments and we sat singing till the late hours of the night. On Sunday, we started the week with a jeeping tour up in the Golan hights, through rivers and valleys. We had a great lunch and then turned to go home with a lot more strength to continue with the battle…

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