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Parent Support ProgramsParent Support ProgramsParent Support ProgramsParent Support Programs

They need someone to take care of them, too…

The parents are the cornerstone of their homes and families. If they falter, everything collapses. They must be strong, prevailing, persevering.

But they’re people too. And they’re suffering. They need someone to support them as well! At Zichron Menachem, we offer parents the support they need to sustain them and keep them from collapsing beneath the heavy burden.

Parents visit the Day Center to benefit from private counseling sessions, participate in support groups with other parents who are enduring similar hardships, enjoy a creative class, relax and be pampered, attend a lecture, and work out in the gym…

Experience has proven time and again that a strong parent equals a strong child, and a strong child harbors a much greater chance of survival!

Daily assistance

The Day Center entertains the young cancer patient while his parents attend to other activities, or occupies the other children while their parents attend to the sick sibling. This service is invaluable to parents of cancer patients, who often feel that they are drowning in an ocean of responsibilities and crucial tasks. Parents are confident leaving their children in the capable hands of the Day Center faculty, and can then attend to their other myriad responsibilities with peace of mind.

Zichron Menachem also arranges transportation to and from the Day Center and hospitals; meals for the family and parent who is staying overnight with a child in the hospital; and loan equipment that often comes in handy during long-term hospital stays.

Emotional support

Our on-site psychologist is available for private, couple, or family sessions free of charge. At Zichron Menachem, we’re aware that every family member carries an individual burden and pain and needs solid professional support.

In addition, Zichron Menachem also run several support group tracks to help pediatric cancer patients, parents of cancer patients, bereaved parents, siblings of cancer patients, and our volunteers, respectively.

Parent and family retreats

In order to revitalize their energies, remain optimistic, and broadcast messages of confidence, faith, and hope to the sick children—our parents desperately need an occasional break!

Zichron Menachem sponsors weekend retreats for parents of cancer patients, and short trips abroad, in a support group environment. In addition, we also provide special gifts to families when the occasion calls for it, a restaurant meal or weekend hotel getaway, etc.


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