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מי היה מנחםמי היה מנחםמי היה מנחם

Menachem Ehrental (1975-1990) was the beloved eldest child of Chaim and Miri Ehrental. When baby Menachem was only eighteen months, he was already diagnosed with leukemia. Throughout the course of the next fourteen years, young Menachem battled malignant illness heroically until he finally returned his soul to its Maker at the tender age of fifteen.

Menachem was a charismatic child, a natural leader with a sunny disposition and sweet nature. He spent his short life surrounded by dozens of volunteers who adored him and enjoyed spending their time with this special boy. Menachem was the life of every trip and party; he loved singing and dancing with famous singers and his volunteer friends who entertained and enveloped him in life and enjoyment both at home and in the hospital. Menachem was a child who loved to live!

Shortly before the end, Menachem expressed his frustration and despair with his lifelong battle and admitted that he no longer harbored the energy or will to continue fighting. His parents, Chaim and Miri, took this statement as proof that, above all, it is willpower and determination that keep a person alive and fighting until the end; and that loss of willpower is the prelude to death. As a tribute to their son, they undertook to infuse joy, vitality, and vigor into the lives of pediatric cancer patients in Israel.

Throughout the years, scores of Rabbis, political figures, celebrities, and medical professionals have joined forces with hundreds of devoted volunteers to turn Zichron Menachem into a veritable empire of giving, happiness, and love.


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