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In the mid-1990s, fifteen-year-old Menachem Ehrental passed away after a life-long battle against cancer. His parents, Chaim and Miri, had spent the previous decade-and-a-half helping their child while lending assistance and encouragement to other parents enduring a similar ordeal. Throughout Menachem’s illness, the Ehrentals learned first-hand of the agony of families with a sick child and the wealth of support that they need to surmount this challenge. Even more important, they discovered what it is that the child—who spends each and every moment fighting for very life—requires in order to overcome illness.

Shortly after Menachem’s passing, Chaim and Miri founded Zichron Menachem with the goal of being there to help those who are enduring an experience similar to their own. Over time, they were joined by many others who invested their talents and abilities to make Zichron Menachem the magnificent organization that it is today.

Throughout two decades of intensive effort and work, Zichron Menachem’s staff has garnered invaluable experience and knowledge about the world of cancer patients.

Zichron Menachem operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, round-the-clock with dedication and love. Services and assistance are dispensed equally to all Israeli citizens, regardless of faith or gender. Zichron Menachem is the first organization to offer complete support to this population on a national scale, and it remains the only organization in Israel that operates its vast range of activities on a daily basis and to an unprecedented number of beneficiaries.

In appreciation of its unique humanitarian and charitable endeavors, Zichron Menachem was awarded Israel’s Presidential Prize for Volunteers; the Prime Ministerial Child Protector Award; the Health Ministerial Prize for Volunteers, and the Mayor of Jerusalem’s Citation for Volunteers, to name just a few.

Children hospitalized in medical institutions throughout Israel benefit from Zichron Menachem’s broad-based activities and services. The organization operates branches in Soroka Hospital (Be’er Sheva); Sheba-Tel Hashomer; Dana Medical Center (Tel Aviv); Schneider Hospital (Petach Tikva); Wolfson Medical Center (Holon); Rambam Medical Center (Haifa); Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital (Jerusalem); Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center (Jerusalem); Ha’Emek Medical Center (Afula); Kaplan Medical Center (Rechovot); and Bnei Zion Medical Center (Haifa).

In recent years, Zichron Menachem has also expanded its activities to encompass children with cancer-stricken parents.

At Zichron Menachem, we believe that support for a child with cancer is support for the entire family!


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