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מרכז יוםמרכז יוםמרכז יום

Everyone else is having fun, and they’re stuck in isolation…

Zichron Menachem’s Social, Educational & Rehabilitation Day Center is the first and only center of its kind in Israel providing a combination social-educational framework for children with cancer who, due to chemotherapy treatments and a debilitated immune system, are unable to attend regular school. Pediatric cancer patients spend their time in the Day Center where they make up missed schoolwork, enjoy a wide variety of activities including music, computers, art, aero-modeling, sports, photography, journalism, etc., and just hang out together. In the afternoon, the Day Center also welcomes their siblings and children with cancer-stricken parents.

The Day Center is a wonderful place that encompasses all of Zichron Menachem’s family services—alternative medicine, therapies, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, counseling, support group network, enrichment programs, parenting guidance, lectures and more.

The building, conceived by the famed Oster Lang Architects, is renowned for its distinct design. It won the Jerusalem Quality Residence Prize in 2004 which was awarded by the Municipality of Jerusalem in conjunction with the Association of Israeli Architects, Association of Contractors, and Bank Tfachot.

Who’s welcome?

Children and teens with cancer

Cancer patients suffer from a deficient immune system which makes them highly-sensitive to even slight germs that, for them, can be life-threatening. Therefore, instead of being closeted in their homes and battling boredom and isolation, which inevitably stimulates fears and even clinical depression, they are invited to visit Zichron Menachem’s modern Day Center in Jerusalem.

At the Day Center, students catch up on missed schoolwork, participate in enrichment classes and series, and enjoy themselves with peers in a safe, sterile environment. They benefit from professional emotional support, alternative medicine treatment sessions, exciting lectures and series, and feel very much at home with kids like them.

The fun-filled hours that a child spends in the Day Center affords parents a well-needed break and relieves them to attend to work, their other children, and the million-and-one other details that occupy their lives.

Siblings of cancer-stricken children and children with cancer-stricken parents

Zichron Menachem is well-aware of the hardships and challenges that face not only the cancer patient and their parents, but also their siblings, as well.  Cancer is an illness that strikes an entire family at once, threatening the fabric of their very lives. That’s why Zichron Menachem’s Day Center is open in the afternoon to the child’s immediate family members as well.

Brothers, sisters, and children with sick parents suffer long-term and inevitable neglect, as their parents devote the majority of their physical and emotional energies to caring for the sick child and coping with the innumerable adversities, challenges, and demands that a cancer-stricken child brings. Siblings of cancer patients desperately yearn for a life of normalcy, and the Day Center becomes a loving home environment where they enjoy a variety of special programs and benefit from academic and emotional boosts.
The Day Center is a wonderful place where siblings can enjoy a hearty meal, rest, play, receive homework help, study for tests, and participate in a wealth of extra-curricular activities and events, therapy sessions, and individual and group support sessions. At the Day Center, children find a listening ear and understanding. They discuss their issues and sad realities with peers who endure similar hardships. They find loving, caring figures in the volunteers and a professional mental health faculty that is there for them whenever they wish.
Zichron Menachem’s transportation department picks them up at school and drives them home at the end of an enjoyable day. This facet of our services ensures that the exhausted parents aren’t forced to add another item to their never-ending ‘To Do’ list…


Parents of children with cancer are busy 24-7 caring for their sick child, other children, and everything else in their lives. But who’s taking care of them?

Parents are the foundational pillars of their home and family; they need to keep their spirits up to fortify their children and, most importantly, the child with cancer.  But what about them? They’re human too, and there are times when they also need to shift the burden onto others.

Zichron Menachem is there for parents, encouraging them, supporting them, boosting their morale, and guiding them through the arduous road of treatments and therapies. We refuse to let them collapse beneath the pressure!

Parents visit the Day Center for personal counseling sessions, to participate in parent support groups, series, relaxation sessions, lectures, and even the occasional treat…

Experience has proven time and again that a strong parent builds a strong child, and a strong child harbors a much greater chance of survival!

Zichron Menachem’s Day Center is open from morning until night, six days a week, and is run by a professional faculty and devoted volunteers.


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