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Fhaten dreams of becoming a nurse
Sunday, 01 August 2010 10:21


Fhaten dreams of becoming a nurse

by: Bilha Weinshtock-Dvori

Fhaten Div lives in a small town near Carmiel [Haifa district]. Her first encounter with Zichron Menachem [ZM] was last year at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, where she was receiving treatment. Today Fhaten is a veteran ZM camper with hundreds of funny stories and happy memories to help her through her medical treatments.

As we interviewed Fhaten, her eyes shone as she described how her outlook on life was completely changed during the Zichron Menachem Summer Adventure Camp in England. She lamented her low mood before camp, and credits Zichron Menachem’s non-stop pleasure and activity for her raised spirits.

At camp Fhaten decided she wants to grow up and become a nurse. She recognized how much she benefits from the ongoing support of Zichron Menachem. Fhaten looks forward to helping others by giving back.

More than anything, Faten says she wants to work for Zichron Menachem when she finishes school! In the meantime, she is sure that her classmates will be very surprised to hear so many new English expressions coming out of her mouth ….

Bilha: What can you say about ZM Adventure Camp in England?

Fhaten: “I never thought that the ZM Adventure Camp would make such a difference in my life. But it gave me so much spirit and inner strength. It was so wonderful that I can’t adequately define my feelings. When the Adventure Camp ended, I told Miri and Chaim that I want to work here when I finish school. I want to help others, just like they are helping me now. I see how all the volunteers in Israel and in England worked so hard so that we would have an amazing summer. I hope that ZM will always be around to help children. They give us so much strength. They add spice and meaning to life.”

Bilha: Was your counselor helpful?

Fhaten: “My counselor was Shira. She took care of me around the clock and she became my good friend as well. I learned two totally new things from Shira – Karate and English. Boy will my accomplishments surprise my classmates when I go back to school this year!”

Fhatma Div, Fhaten’s mother, says Fhaten can’t stop talking about camp. Before camp she says Fhatma was quiet and low-spirited. Since camp her spirits have soared and she has opened up.

Bilha: Now that camp fun is over, will you return to your old routine?

Fhaten: “Even though ZM Adventure Camp has ended, I am still happy and excited. My new friends, counselors and other ZM staff call me all the time. We exchange stories and jokes, and counselors doing their “Sherut Leumi” or “National Service” visit my family and me. They understand me and give me such strength. I see Sonya, Orit, Talia, Ronit and the others all the time. They stay with me in the [Rambam] hospital every day. They are very sensitive and understand what I am going through and help me get through the medical stuff laughing.

At camp I noticed their sensitivity. They “knew” my moods. If I (or anyone else) was sad, they sensed it immediately and didn’t let up until I was smiled.

Bilha: Can we speak about your future?

Fhaten: “Absolutely!”

I am one of five children and I see the importance of learning. I always planned to be a teacher when I grow up. Then suddenly I got cancer last year and everything in my life seemed to fall apart. I was so scared. Scared to continue with my old ways, because something gave me the disease. Scared of the pain of needles and medication. I was terrified that I might not have a future, and couldn’t even think about it.

But now I feel like the fog has lifted. I feel strong and excited. I have a mission and even a responsibility to beat this cancer and grow up healthy. When I finish school I will enroll in nursing school. I want to get professionally trained to help people and be the best nurse.”


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