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Alternative Medicine

Zichron Menachem’s Day Center offers young cancer patients and their families the option of pursuing alternative medicine treatments.

There are many who believe that alternative medicine can complement conventional medicine practices, and although we do not necessarily advocate its use, we are pleased to provide parents who wish to attempt alternative medicine practices the opportunity to do so.

In any case, alternative medicine therapies are certainly useful in alleviating pain, reducing tension and anxiety, and achieving an emotionally-healthy state of mind that boosts one’s inner strengths and facilitates the patient’s healing process.
Relaxation therapy sessions are offered to parents suffering from unimaginable tension and anxiety, worries, fatigue, and an endless list of tasks that keep them awake at night and leave them no respite.

Zichron Menachem is pleased to offer sessions in reflexology, healing, Reiki, shiatsu, and massage therapy. All sessions are offered by professional therapists and are available both to parents and children.

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