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Dealing with a family member who is a cancer patient requires an endless reserve of physical and emotional energies, and also intensive counseling and guidance. Zichron Menachem offers the professional services of our in-house psychotherapist who meets with each and every family and helps them create a plan that matches their needs and emotional abilities. These private sessions are in addition to support groups that help individuals and families deal with other aspects of the cancer battle respectively.

Counseling sessions may be geared to individuals, couples, or families, and are available to all immediate family members, as each and every one is suffering and must cope with myriad challenges on a daily basis.

Professional counseling is usually very costly, a ‘luxury’ that many can not afford. This, in addition to time constraints and the social stigma often prevents families from seeking the professional help that they really need.

At Zichron Menachem we appreciate the value of professional emotional support, which is why we have made it an indistinguishable aspect of our support plan.

In cases of tragedy and death, Zichron Menachem continues extending professional support to the bereaved family and escorts them through the healing process with the goal of restoring them to normal life.

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