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Support for adolescent cancer patients Support for adolescent cancer patients

It’s never easy being a teen, but life becomes even more complicated when you’re a teen with cancer.

Adolescence is the stage when the social scene is foremost, and the rejection and distancing of friends at this age is deeply hurtful.

Teens also begin contemplating their future—both personal and professional. When a child is battling cancer, thoughts of a hazy future are very frightening.

It’s sadly ironic that so many teens suffering from cancer feel that they have nowhere to turn. They are no longer children, but they are not yet adults.

At Zichron Menachem, we understand them and sympathize with their feeling that they don’t belong. That’s why we’ve established a club especially for them. It’s a place where they can meet and hang out with other teens who are enduring similar challenges. It’s a place to play pool and watch 3-D movies.

Once every two weeks, adolescent cancer patients assemble for a special club meeting in a warm, friendly, fun atmosphere. After an exciting event, they participate in a support group session during which they present their issues, hardships, and challenges and discuss the difficulties that they face as teens with cancer.

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